• Life in Lockdown

    We are nearly a year on from our first Covid-19 lockdown (March 23rd 2020), I remember the date clearly as it was just before my birthday, it’s looking likely that my 2021 birthday will be in lockdown too, so that’s nice! Like most people who run their own business it’s been a tricky year. At the start of the pandemic it seemed obligatory to make bread from scratch and dig up the lawn to plant vegetables. The bread was moderately successful, the vegetables less so. We were blessed with good weather and no clue how long this would go on for. Holidays were cancelled, in fact life was cancelled. With a large percentage of my work being for culture (cinemas, theatre, annual events etc) things pretty much came to a standstill. I felt like a rabbit in headlights. Being one of the 3 million excluded in the UK from financial help, I fluctuated from mild panic to all consuming fear of what my future would look like. Having said that I was fortunate enough that one of my long standing clients continued to pay me despite the fact they had to shut their doors during each lockdown. Nonetheless I have had a significant drop in income. Bits of work have come my way throughout the year and I’ve even considered complete career changes – gardener, counsellor, upholsterer, surface pattern designer, all of which require a modicum of studying. So here I am still graphic designing and hanging on in there waiting for the brighter days ahead, it’s what I know and what I love. Hoping for a better future for us all.

  • Photo quality – bad image

    We have moved into an age of digital photography that means everybody has some kind of device they can take a photo with, from mobile phones to a professional DSLR. Whilst there are several benefits to this and more glorious moments caught for ever or seen for only a few seconds on the likes of Snapchat, photos are everywhere. Because of this fewer and fewer organisations use professional photographers as they feel they can capture what is needed on a mobile phone, this can include anything from staff portraits to product photography.

    So when designing something like a company brochure, making sure I have continued a theme of corporate branding and giving it my very best design skills, it gives me a heavy heart when the photos are supplied and they are taken on someone’s phone, with different lighting and or different backgrounds, it completely changes the whole feel. Of course lots of budgets get cut and something has to give. So if it must be done this way, be consistent, take the photos in the same place with the same lighting and set your device to take the highest resolution image it can or hire a professional. Then together we can create something to be proud of.

    Well flurry over, it’s nearing midnight.

  • Welcome

    Finally the new Demiurge Design website has been launched, it has taken a while because I’ve been busy doing my job, it was started well over a year ago. However it turned out to be the busiest year ever, with some new clients and repeat business from existing clients. So it lurked in the background waiting patiently for more input, which only seemed to happen sporadically, the usual pattern being a flurry of activity around midnight.

    I’ve yet to finish the portfolio section, but this will be done in the coming weeks and of course I will add new things over time.

    The change came about because after 10 years of the same website it was long overdue. The previous site was Adobe Flash so couldn’t be viewed on mobile phones or tablets, which of course is crucial now. This site was created using WordPress, which is compatible on all devices.

    Well that’s about it for now until my next midnight flurry.